Thursday, February 26, 2009

TXIH 2002 - Corpus Christi

2002 TXIH had one of my most memorable moments when about 0730 on Saturday morning I was awoken from my natural slumber (read= heavily hungover and probably still intoxicated state), fell out of my tent, due to a massive racket coming from Lily Von Shtoops Van with some band screaming out "I got erection" and came around the corner to see Lily drinking his tecate already, and joined in.

TXIH in 4 weeks. Can't wait.

I finally found out who sang the damn song that he had playing that day. I've been trying to find out for ever, cause it was hilarious. and it was , Turbonegro (Norwegian kings of rock'n'roll blending punk with glam metal and hard rock) who will be in concert here in SF shortly. :D

I hope Donnie is ready for this! :D
There will also be an "In & Out" experiment in full affect...we'll see what happens. be ready Donnie! haha

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 out of 2 ain't too bad..

Well, I was working on some tickets to tonights show at the fillmore and the two guys that were scalping the tickets flaked. fuckers. Oh well, I did score the other ticket that I was looking for recently. Found it on craigslist at the second tier pricing. :D Awesome, so I am officially going to Burning Man 2009. The ticket is pretty to come up with some ideas, as this years theme is "EVOLUTION".

The other ticket was to see Blondie at the Fillmore, kinda bummed I missed it. I'm sure it would have been a cool show. Instead, I met up with some friends and hung out most of the day, and finished it up with a great dinner at the hawaiian joint in SF (Geary and Masonic) with my friend Heather. Then some beers at the Pig & Whistle. Surprisingly warm ride home tonight.

Got a short run scheduled tomorrow, then take it easy and prepare for Saturday morning.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sequoia 50k

4 days till the Sequoia 50k. Probably haven't trained near as hard as I should have. We'll see, I feel good, and just gonna run it at my pace. Setting a goal, and will try and break that time limit.

The course is pretty cool, and located in the Oakland Hills.

Also, hashers in the bay area are putting together a team to run the Reno/Tahoe Odyssey Trail.

I'm in for this, but actually want to run a few of the legs back to back. We'll see. Should be fun, and mostly want to do it to get myself out on the Tahoe trails. Since one of my goals for this year is to hike the Tahoe Rim trail (150 miles) over the course of 10 days. Mostly for fun, and some camping and out on trail by myself.

Need to shake the boredom of running, when running alone. Bleh. I think it's one of my major downfalls when trying to run.

On another note...Colombia, in 2 weeks. :D

Sun break...

Cool spot off skyline to chill.
Big blue off in the distance.

It's been raining off and on here for about a week. Everyone is crying and whining about it...sheesh, for fucks sake, you'd think it was a monsoon or something. It's just rain people. It hardly rains here, as a matter of fact, we were in a drought warning for some time before these small rains.
Anyway, the sun popped out, so my buddy Chris and I took the bikes out for some hooliganism up in the hills. Hit Skyline road, going up Woodside to Alice's for some lunch and then catching the sun as it dropped down with some beers and stuff.

Finishing up day 4 of 4 now, at work.