Thursday, October 22, 2009

1st day (night)........

...well, it's been about 4 years since I work in the E.R., and last night was my first night back. I'm in Austin, working the peds e.r. for a quick contract.
Honestly, it felt like the first day of school.....LOL anticipating things, what it's going to be like, and if I can fit in (remember enough to work there).

It went very well, started slow, most of the time, it's just getting the paperwork/computerwork in order for charting and the hospitals procedures for charting, etc....

as for patient care, that came back easy, like riding a bicycle. It's different, and that's what I wanted....a break from the ICU.

The staff is really cool....and there are quite a few people there that I worked with before. which means, there will be all kinds of shenanigans going on. I just had my schedule modified so that I could have one day off to go to a concert...GOGOL BORDELLO!

one more just for good measure....hahaha, this show should be rockin crazy. I expect to have a bloody nose by the end of it. :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


shitty situation on the race track at the beginning of the year, led to a severly injured racer...and many months later, after a long battle with the injuries (becoming paraplegic), he had been released from the hospital and rehab and was home. EA235 posted one last time a few weeks ago.

Unfotunately he committed suicide yesterday. sad, but it seems to bring a thought to my brain of how I would deal with the same situation, and if I wouldn't be hard pressed to make the same decision.

His last blog post is chilling and hard to read for some. but he was a fellow racer and great guy in the moto community. many will miss him.

I'll reserve my thoughts and ideas about suicide.

I hope he at least found peace over this situation.

New Whip....

...settled in to Austin, and now to get to the basics. I didn't bring a motorcycle with me, so I could have something to commute on when I go back to SF, which means, I am driving around in my truck and seriously having some withdrawals from riding...and the weather is phenomenal here. Warm, but not blistering HOT as it can be in Texas.

So a couple weeks ago, I saw a bike that I had been looking for, and there happened to be one in Austin. After realizing that my current bike (1999 Ducati M900- Cromo) was getting along in miles (79,300 miles)...basically, it was time to move on to another bike...and a better one to commute on. Or I'm going to blow up the Monster and be left without any bike.

Went and checked it out this morning, and drooled all over it, did the normal dude pissing match with the salesman (how long ridden, craziest moto stories, crashes, and track riding) and we got along just fine. HAHAHA

All the paperwork is in the motions, and I hope to pick up on Thursday.

Here is a nice shot of it.
This is not to say that I'm getting rid of the Monster..there is no way. That bike, in time will undergo a full restoration, and engine rebuild with an over bore kit (944) upgrade. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Austin, Texas

Well, I finally made it in to Austin, Tx. on Sunday at 2:30pm. That's right, I woke up on Friday at noon, stayed up and went to work at 7pm, got off work at 7am, and then started driving at 0730 from Palo Alto, Ca. to Austin, Tx. Driving straight through, I made about 29 hours of driving time to arrive in Austin, and was awake for almost 48 hours.

I can't take full credit, as I have to thank the 4 cans of Monster Energy drink for helping me to stay quite awake. Haha, that stuff really works...I chugged a can, and then sipped the other ones. I wasn't even tired. Above is the picture that I took at 1am, as I rolled into Texas (at El Paso). hahaha

I stopped drinking energy drinks, cause I knew I had to sleep an hour or two. So I managed 91 miles east of El Paso, before I was hallucinating redwood trees laying across the highway. LOL I slept 2 hours and then kept driving.

I called my soon to be new roomate, and told him I'd make it to the Hash run after all.
Here is a shot of Fredricksburg, Tx., and being a Sunday, there were all kinds of bikes out riding. I did latch on to a fancy Range Rover who was driving fast, from here to Austin. It helped pass the time.
I rolled into Austin, on IH-35 and I'm just about there, and just in time, cause the Austin Hash run startss at 3pm. After unloading my things, I popped up a Chelada and got ready to go. Slut Slinger and I took off to NW Austin (cedar creek) for the run. As we were driving, I looked at him and said, "you know this is a bad idea, you and I rooming in the same house?!" and he just looked back, smirked, and said.."hell yeah" HAHAHAHAHA these next 3 months in Austin will be messy.

After a brief chalk talk, and me not paying attention, and saying hello to a lot of other hashers I hadn't seen in a long time...the trail started.

I was going to walk it, and just chill, but as soon as I started running, I wanted to keep going.....I followed Padre, and him and I were trading the front back and forth. Sometime during the beginning of the run, I was trying to go through a barbed wire fence, tripped, fell through it, scraped me, and I fell into a Cactus...HAHAHAHAHA, dammit. So at the first beer stop, I had to stand there as they plucked needles out of my back and hand.

A couple other guys were also running in the front.
In the end, at the 2nd beer stop, a few of us got greedy with zenning trail...and we went off the 183 (we made the wrong turn), and ended up on the toll way for about a mile. hahahaha then had to go across a small river, and ran a trail, in the opposite direction of the ending...back to the start. LOL we suck. so we found a map and off to the end we go.

where we had to drink for DFL, backsliding, and me for falling thru a barbed wire fence onto a cactus.

Good times, and called it a night early.

Today was awesome, except orientation was a bit slow and boring, but I saw a few friends in the E.R. and caught up with them, tomorrow I go and look at the motorcycle I want to buy, and the weather has been stellar....oh yeah, and I ATE AT FREEBIRDS burrito's!!!!