Thursday, April 1, 2010

Expedition blog

Reading up on a friend of mines, blog. He is trekking across the frozen tundra of Russia. Great guy, awesome hasher, and all around adventure maniac. hahaha

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

McAllen, Texas

Finally made it home to McAllen. Lots to do, final preps for TXIH 2010 to be done. I'll be driving a lot in the next few days, having to be in Corpus Christi, then San Antonio, Austin, back to Corpus Christi, the campsite, etc.... should be fun. hahaha

flight out of Houston was delayed, so I went to Pappadeux's to have a snack, and when I came back there was hardly anyone in the waiting area. wtf?! so I ask the lady and she says, the plane is gone. WTF?!?!?! she calls them, they still have the door open, everyone is boarded already, and so they shuffle me down the rampway and I board. 1 minute later, we're backing out of the gate. HAHAHAHA that'll learn me to be impatient.

great to be near my home though.


4 of 4...

...another night in the pod (7 bed room). last night, so that's fine with me. and good money. especially as the rumor is that staff is working towards a strike. hahaha oh well.

It's why I like to keep myself linked to my travel company at all times. At a moments notice I can bail (actually, not bail, but go to another job), without much problem. Just like the job in Austin was.

Flying to Texas tomorrow, to see family, and finalize all the planning and leg work for TXIH 2010. Can't wait. So far our budget has been: $6,000 in beer, booze, refrig truck, etc...
Haberdashery is ordered, patches ordered, food ordered, entertainment secured, trails planned (just need to lay them), porta potties ordered...cause damn, there is some shittin' mofo's in the H3. haha

I think I'm going to be logging a lot of miles in the next week.

on on to Texas Interhash 2010.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Next race - May 9th

Just signed up for my next Ultramarathon. Redwood 50k, in Oakland, Ca.
May 9th. I had to, it's the best way to get myself to run and train. hahahaha

this, along with, the two triathlons in July, should move me forward. I think I will try and sign up for the SF marathon as well. Missed it last year. :D

IAH 2011 or bust!!!

Well, I made the executive decision to sign up for the IAH 2011 in Savannah, Georgia.
It's been too long (2005) since my last long distance ride to a hashing event, and this sounds about right. Clear across the country, with many awesome way points to stop at. The event is in mid-October, so not so sure how far north I will travel, but I will for certain get to ride some areas I have never ridden in the south east.

There are a few Knuckledraggers signed up so far, and we'll be converging on Savannah from all points on the map. Should be awesome. My last few trips to IAH (Costa Rica 2003) and (Toronto 2005) were amazing and super fun. I unfortunately missed Puerto Vallarta in 2007 due to some injuries from a motorcycle race I followed it up with a ride out and around the same areas, later the following year.

This should be a good time, and I'm looking forward to it. I have heard great things about Savannah.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

work work work

Day 2 of 4, and charge is asking if anyone wants an A day tomorrow (basically a day off, with pay) I think I get cancelled first for being relief position if no one wants one. eh. I'd rather work right before heading off to Texas, but if I don't, then it's off to the San Francisco H3 tomorrow night for some miles. :D