Saturday, December 26, 2009

4 days off!!! (2 weeks ago)

So with my first stretch of 4 days off in a row, in a long time, I decided to go visit a couple places and get a ride in. The weather has been shitty cold lately, but it was supposed to clear up by Saturday. They lied. : hahaha

A nice cruise around Texas to see some friends, catch a hash, and explore a little.
First start was Royers Roundtop Cafe in Roundtop, Tx.

A nice looking Studebaker truck in Roundtop, along with the Multi. A row of pies so damned good, I walked out of this joint stuffed to the gills.
A nice "buddism" written on the cooler at the entrance to the cafe. hahaha
The cafe was featured on the CBS morning show, and on a few food network shows, mostly for their pies. JB was grilling (my co-workers husband) and came out to say hi. After which the waitress asked what I wanted, and I said, let JB decide on the best meal here.
I started off with the stuffed Jalapenos (with crab meat, cream cheese and breaded, and huge).

JB brought out the next plate, pork tenderloin in a peach and pepper glaze...with dirty mashed potatos and black eyed peas with bacon strips.
Rounding out desert with a slice of freshly made Pecan Pie a la mode.

F'ing delicious.
A couple shots inside the cafe. It is plastered with all kinds of random stuff throughout, dating back the almost 46 years that the cafe has been in operation. 23 years in the Royer family hands. Great place, and I'll be back for more pie. :D
Well, after warming up in the cafe, I knew I had about 175 miles to go. It's flippin' cold outside, so I'm layered and wearing the gortex riding jacket....only problem is that I don't have my winter gloves. My hands are frozen, and I pull into the gas stations to fill up and drink hot chocolate to warm up my hands. I think my last stop was somewhere near Ganado, Tx.

I arrived at Dr. Rockits Blues Bar where all the hashers were waiting and just in time to change and grab some chalk to hare this run. :D
After the obligatory misdirections down by the sacred whore (where all the BALH3 runs start)...I'm off. It was a marvelous trail, with three beer stops, in the span of 1 mile. I even heard the ever popular phrase and motto of the Bay Area Larrikins H3 "What would Chemo do?!" (which is usually followed up by diving into a random bar and making their own beer stops. LOL

The next morning I woke up to gray skies and drizzle. F it. I have all day to make it to the Woodlands as DTR and co. are all working today. So I got some breakfast at the local diner....even though I was craving some barbacoa and off I went.

A quick shot of me outside the hotel, and then down by the U.S.S. Lexington (The Blue Ghost), A couple of photos and then north on hwy 35. The headwinds were very strong, and that was ruining my gas mileage. I think I only got 30 mpg the whole way.

A quick stop on the side of the road near Gonzaga Bay as I made my way north. and to warm up my hands.

I finally made it to DTR's house and he decided to work from home for the rest of the day, and we went and got some Popeye's chicken since I was starving and a bit hungover.

Chanuka started and Spork lit the menorah, and we drank and played Kings Cup for hours. That is until Donnie decided to get hammered and wrestle me...much to his failure. LOL I gotta find those pics.

Spork got the wrapping that he wanted, and a very cool framed map of the U.S.A. made out of license plates that are from each state, and cut/bent/folded into the shape of their state.

Donnie just got that Kansas City Chiefs Jacket, but he was SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! :D

One day!

Off for 1 day. :D

mismanagement meeting, today.

BBQ in the afternoon and having my first drink of the day already.....the way to go.

"You can't drink all day, if you don't start drinking in the morning" :D


Friday, December 25, 2009

Bah Humbug!!!

hahahaha, my kind of Christmas. :D Working through the holidays, and spending it with a bunch of dysfunctional co-wokers. hahahahaha

back for more tonight.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

back to the grind...

in Austin. Having issues with my account in uploading photos, they only come up as html info, rather than seeing the actual photo. any Ideas?

Just got back from SF and a quick few days of work, and some fun...not much sleep due to trying to play catch up with friends and also working 12 hour nights. but well worth it.

I'm signed up for the snow shoe race in Orem, Utah for January 30th. That should be fun.

Also, the plans to make the Brass Monkey H3 (Inaugral running) in The Woodlands, Tx. is well on target.

To Donnie the Retard:
After this past weeks trip to In & Out burger and after consuming the 4x4 (4 beef patties, 4 cheeses) animal style, I am hearby calling you out saying that you need to get yo ass to SF and we need to get this "Tour de In & Out" in full swing and git'r done!!!


Merry Christmas to all of those traveling and seeing their family, I will be at work, partying. :D