Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brass Monkey H3 - in the Woodlands

Well, screw it. I'm outta here. I was going to wait till tomorrow, but after the rousing fun we had with Net this morning, I'm all jacked up and ready to run.

so off to San Antonio for a run and some beer drinking.

meeting with KOA tomorrow afternoon.

Riding to Houston hopefully after that meeting.

BMH3 all weekend.

Sunday, ride home...maybe make the Austin H3.

Rock climbing, somewhere in there.


on on to another great weekend of ....uh...... training. :D

SLC rocks!!!....or should I say sucks?

First and foremost I have to say. stay away from salt lake city. don't go. it sucks. the snow sucks and the people suck. :D

with that said. I landed in SLC and we went straight to the climbing gym. for a couple hours of climbing and to meet some of Jaspers friends.

After climbing it was out for dinner at Bayou's where we drank a lot of beer, and had shots of scotch prior to arriving. Not sure why everyone always cries about the 3.2 % beer alcohol's not per can, it's per volume, and at 6k plus elevation, you are still going to get drunk. besides, there is Jack and Jim to help out. And little known truth is that you can get normal beer at liquor's just not cold. Hell, I throw my beer in the fridge anyway.

After a long night at the W lounge where Jasper got hit on by 3 dudes. hahahahaha I blame the shirt, or maybe it was his leadville finisher buckle that brought them in. Later, the girls tried to say he wouldn't stand around in jock strap, boots, and belt buckle with pinstripe gay shirt...he did. at his house. disturbing is the only word I have for that. hahahahaha we watched some movies while in the hot tub, and finally passed out about 4:30am.

After not making our snow shoe race, which was only a 10 k in a golf course, we decided to one up it.

Went for a 7 mile snow shoe hike in Mill Creek Canyon. An ascent for the first 4 miles..and 2:40 later,we were back at the truck. some amazing views up in the mountains. I felt surprisingly well, seeing as how I'm from the flat lands, and here I was in the 7k ft elevation range. I have better than average hopes for Salida. We did manage to find some moose tracks. That was cool.

Afterwards, we hit the hot tub again, and drank more pbr's. We ended up at some bar for a long time, and then back to the house.

Sunday, a lazy morning, and then we snowboarded the afternoon at Brighton. Some sick times with light snow falling all afternoon.

Monday was supposed to be a half day, but then the girls called and said they'd pick me up at 9am for a full day of snowboarding. hahaha apparently, they didn't believe that I could keep going at their local pace.
Snowboarded all day, and got some cool action photos.
After which, we went to the climbing gym and rounded out the day with a long session of climbing, followed by dinner.

My flight was out on Tuesday morning.

Like I said, SLC sucked, don't go there, Brighton does not have good snow, etc. Pics to come. :D haha