Friday, January 8, 2010

Quake central...

Well, I hate to say, I told yo so, but it seems that in the last 48 hours there has been some geological activity of sorts in the Bay Area. Mind you, no where near the severity of the bigger ones, but noteable nonetheless...and people are talking.
The largest one in the last few days was a 4.1 which is mild by SF standards, but still enough to shake things up. With plenty of aftershocks occuring....I hope the bay area gets longer reprieve from a major shake up.

Smutt, it's those damned Sea Lions, they knew. :D LOL

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Alamo City Humpin H3
Redneck Centerfold, Dark side of the moon, May the Foreskin be with You, Nipple me Elmo, Forest Hump, Cockarazzi, Freak on a leash, Brother Darryl, me and Done Dirt Cheap.

Good times in San Antonio last night with the Alamo City Humpin H3. Quick trail, live hare, lots of orange food and hot wings. Great circle and good times. Laid back, small hash which I enjoy for the entertainment without so much of the BS found in uber-large hash groups. :)

Basic power down downs, gorilla down downs, sit around the fire, accuse your friends of crap and drink under San Antonios flight path! LOL

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

18 DAYS!!!!!!

Without a debit card. LOL Lost my card and reported it lost, and after ordering a new one, didn't think much of it...till today. Having to purchase flights and register for a few races, I needed the card.

It felt good to not have the card at all times, as it's so easy to spend money when one has it. Even though I haven't used a credit card for almost 2 years now.....the debit card is definitely a crutch.

Finally got a temporary one today, but working with cash is easier to budget oneself, and lends itself to less and less impulsive buys. :D which I've been known to do. haha


Wednesday off in Austin. I think I'll jet down to San Antonio and hit up the Alamo City Humpin Hash tonight. (aCHUMP H3). hahahaha
On another note: The one thing that sucks about living in the "ghetto" in SF and Austin, is the long waits for cabs. Come on, it's not that bad, it's daylight and all. haha Finally got a cab (in SF) to the airport, and the dude, gave me his card and said to call him direct when I need a cab in the neighborhood. Since he now knows where my place is and it isn't that bad. Cool guy, and drove like a cabbie should....FAST!!! :D
long flight yesterday, and funny to find it colder here than back in SF.

Got the race bike running...after lots of beer, shenanigans hahaha. Again, the issue being gasoline sitting in tank for too long. well, after draining it into a bucket, and attempting to put it into a gas can with a funnel, orange safety cone and a drunk hasher pouring, unsuspecting dolt holding the cone...success....with minor spillage. (read: minor spillage = all over Will's leg, shoe and arm) LOL

but the bike ran, and I tear assed up and down the street with it. fuck me it's loud!!! Full Yoshimura system and a Leo Vince exhaust can ftw!
I did finally put some gasoline stabilizer in the tank. hope that works. I am jonesing to take the bike on the track though.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Phenomenal weekend, and today feels like Sunday evening. :D

Back to the case of PBR I found in my garage.

Fly back to Texas tomorrow, after 3 much needed days off in San Francisco.

I received an anonymous Christmas Day present from someone and now I can't for the life of me think of who it may be. How to find out who it was? Ideas? I have an address, no name on it, and the city is an acronym "S.L.C.", and the state is California, and the gift was a movie trilogy that I didn't tell too many people about.

hmmmmmm....back to my PBR.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Message

Sushine football cheladas friends ' BBQ only thing missing is some burnouts.....soon to be remedied. :D This Sunday turned out to be very nice. ';You can't say you've been drinking all day unless you start in the morning"