Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday evening ride......

On Sunday 4-19-09, when I should have been running the Santa Cruz half marathon, and seeing as how I didn't make it, I decided to go for a ride with the guys. We took the back road off of Sandhill rd. up to skyline, and stopped at Alice's Restaurant for some cold ones and to hang out with some friends at the 4 corners. Saw this crazy little mtn bike, with added motor. Reminds me of the old wizzers bicycles.

This gorgeous little bmw was just out for a Sunday ride.
New and the old. Italian and German.
Old 55 Chevy, flat black, looking sick.
Rear view.
This old one just cruised by at a mellow pace. Don't even know what kind of car this is.
Lots of bikes at Alice's this evening. The weather is conducive to this. Saw a group of sportbikes take off down the hill...quickly to be followed by the local sheriff. hahaha
Barfers at the 1Rider safety awareness tent.
This little guy was decked out in his leathers, helmet and probably having a blast with his dad cruising the California hills.
Stan, Petra and myself, just messing around at 4 corners
What the hell is this thing? hahahaha I think it's an Arlen Ness custom bike.
Well, after we got tired of being there, we decided to ride south on skyline to Cupertino, and went to Stan's for an impromptu bbq. Summer/Spring is here, and time for the regular bbq's and hanging out with friends in the evenings. We went to the grocery outlet, cause Stan is cheap, grabbed some meat, and sides, and hotdogs. Prepped the meat and got to grilling.
We decided to wrap the hot dogs in bacon for that extra flavor. Safety wire hahaha
After we ate, and had drank enough, we figured the safest thing to do was go outside and try and do wheelies. hahaha All in all a great day, with great friends and looking forward to the following weekend.

Cypress Hill.... the Fillmore. (the ongoing updates) After getting back from Texas, I was supposed to run the Santa Cruz half marathon, but apparently getting up at 8am, and race starting at 0830 70 miles away, was not conducive to me making it to the start. hahahahaha so scratched that. Saturday we had had a very good and fun filled bbq here at the house, and got to drinking lots. Meh, would have liked to make the event, but no skin off my back...there will be more.

So on Monday, woke up late, and called my buddy Dave, and we rode out to the city on the some lunch at Golden Boy Pizza in northbeach. Some of the absolutely best pizza around. A beer and some pizza was the right thing. A photo outside the joint.

We then thought it would be a good idea to go to the beach and hang out, drink some beers before the concert tonight. A friend of ours called up, and she met us for the ride out to OB. Lots of people playing hooky today, and we walked over to Safeway, grabbed a six pack, and chilled on the wall, and drank our beer.
If I had my jammers I would have rocked them. Got some sun, and as it got later, we decided to go get some more it has been a long day of drinking beers.
My friend Ed told us to check out the Broken Record, off Geneva St. They have a weird menu, including gator, ostrich, etc... It was really good actually, and we ate before heading over to the fillmore.
The show was pretty cool, and sold out. B-Real onstage.

Dr. Greenthumb up on stage (on stilts) flinging baggies of green stuff into the crowd.. hilarious.
Got this poster at the end. We went over to benders afterwards and got really stupid, and I had to hang out and wait to sober up before riding out of there. It was a long night that didn't end till 8am, and then I got home at 11am. hahahaha
A great day today.
Then after the concert we ended up at Benders Bar in the Mission and were there till we were kicked out cause they wanted to close.
belligerent doesn't even begin to explain it. hahaha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On On Brother....

At 3:30pm eastern time today, a fellow hasher lost his battle with Cancer. 2th Fairy (Savannah H3) will be missed. We intersected paths throughout the years, starting in 2002 at TXIH in Corpus Christi, if I remember correctly, too much beer. Saw my first BORG hash in Costa Rica 2003 for IAH, as they went on stage and downed a case of beer in mere minutes. Always lively, starting shit, and hashing throughout the world. He was on the trip through Europe for WIH 2004 (Cardiff) with many of us through Amsterdam, Belgium and then Cardiff.

For the past few years, 2th battled an ever debilitating cancer which finally took him from this world today. He was friends to many people and will be missed by many. Not much more to say, than rest in peace brother, and ON-ON.

Keep em' cold for us. On On

a few photos I dug up.

Belgium H3 pre-lube to WIH 2004 (you guys might notice a certain chubby Mexican...not me...also in this photo, it was my first encounter with a Kimchi)

Amsterdam H3 pre-lube weekend. I rented an entire floor at a hostel and a lot of hashers stayed there for 3 days. Here we are at the after party where a game of beer pong broke out, which turned into naked beer pong.
When one Mexican drinks...ALL Mexicans drink.
Chief Wounded Weiner, Chemo, myself, 2th Fairy

It's saddening what Cancer will do to someone when they are truly sick from it.
Support Cancer research in any way you can.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Visiting family....

After the festivities in northern Texas, I made my way south to McAllen, Tx. and visited with my family and friends for the following week. It was actually one of the best visits I've had in a long time. Lots of good conversations, and time spent with my Dad, Mom and Brother. As well as my niece and goddaughters. I actually did not want to leave as soon as I was having to leave...but then work was calling. I can't say enough about how great the visit was, and I'll leave it at that.

I spent the next 3 days on the road back to the bay area, arriving and getting right back to work, before the next weekends adventure was to come. Needed to get the race bike running right, as the AFM Rd. 2 was quickly coming up.

more to come..... :)

TXIH 2009 cont (Sunday)

Sunday was pretty benign as we got up late, milled around with a couple more drinks...the wind was still going, and it was cooler this morning being this far north. Of course we had KDH3 circle to run and then they would vote on who gets it the following year.

The ever lovely Kit Kat, as always.
Tent carnage.
KDH3 circle, we had to bring in Caveman, who's a Knuckledragger and make him drink for the dismal ball buster trail he laid on Saturday. This, after he assured me it was at least 10 miles long when I asked.
Then he drank out of the official KDH3 sacred mug. hahaha
Ass Gagger got her mug back. She was pissed cause she hadn't heard anything from her mug, nothing on hashspace, and nothing on the H3 group lists. I told her, it's cause her mug is very dumb, and forgot it's own password to it's hashspace page. geez. how dumb does a mug have too be to do that? hahaha
Net, smirking as the events of the previous 3 days are brought to his non-existent attention.
"Property of KDH3" we're going to start accruing these photos of people we tag. Net was tagged along with half the other stuff written all over him, while he was awake and dancing around at the KDH3 compound, but has no memory of it.
Drinking for everything.
Having a drink dude, eat.
Donnie gets a down down......... did ESPN, for...ummmm...bumping our bikes over the previous year. :D still love ya. haha


riders heading out....this is Forest Hump from San Antonio H3.
...and of course always the last to go/be ready and to pack up...Massive Slut Slinger.
So finally as we were wrapping up the KDH3 circle, the mismanagement from Dallas H3 came over, asked "Do you guys want it next year?" and I said "sure"
and that's how the KDH3 will be hosting TXIH 2010 next year. Plans are already in the making, we almost have a location, the goodies are being secured, and all the plans are coming along nicely. Rego will be out very soon.

TXIH 2009 cont (Saturday)

I can't remember if this was Saturday night or Friday night, but either way, somewhere around midnight I convinced Donnie to bust out his handy dandy grill as I had a can of spam in my truck. :D Sliced it up, grilled them up, Donnie busted out the Cheeze Wizz and crackers, and we had a gourmet late night munch attack.
Saturday morning, more proof that the wind would be an issue, when we found Donnie's brother trying to keep the tent from rolling down the hill, as Net had not secured it properly, much less put the tent poles in the right location...
Donnie and Net plot....and plan....
a) delegate duties b) change location c) stake it to the ground d) drink heavily.
The brown car port is the Palatial Palace of Pleasure set up by F.U.K. for the KDH3 afterparties. It was a blast.
The wind was so bad, that Nacheux's canopy was flipped over her tent and went rolling down the hill. My tent was doing push ups, and woke me up in the middle of the night when it flattened out due to the wind, and was laying on top of me...then would spring up, and I'm like WTF?!?!?! hahahahaha
IGUANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. The Iguanas are coming to Reno, August 28 - 30th) as a pre-lube to Interamericas Hash and also to Burning Man event) see links for info.
Smut Mutt brought a hog leg to the campout and they buried it and slow cooked it all night on Friday, and had it ready for mid-morning goodness on Saturday. Damned tasty food my friend. All hail the Nuge!!!
All dogs sit pretty when food is involved. hahaha
There were all kinds of games going on while hashers continued to drink and get ready for the evenings run. Caveman would be laying trail on the ball buster run. He had been out all morning Friday, and was back out on trail laying more trail on Saturday morning...damn, this ball buster might be decent....?
Well, trail time came around, and off we went. Front of the pack with the other faster runners, as I just kept pace. About 2 miles into it, we came to the beer stop in the middle of nowhere. From there, the Eagles were told to go backwards on trail (wtf?) to pick up where the trail went....left...into the bryars (waist high brambles/bushes with razor sharp thorns that cut/scrape/skin your legs as you step in/out/through them). Well fuck it, we went into it. I was about the 4th person from the front, when all of a sudden the frb yells out "HOLY SHIT!!" and freezes...I'm like, wtf? Then he says, a huge fucking snake was slithering right past his feet in front of him.

Apparently he has a huge fear of snakes. At this point I'm pissed at the bullshit trail, the stupid shit we're having to run I'm like, fuck it, I'll take lead, and start to mash forward....that's when I look to my left and see this "little guy" already climbing up the brambles, so I take the camera out and shoot a pic. At this point, I'm fed up with the crap we're ripping through, so I go right, and drop into the ravine, and start to run out.
After a few miles, as seen on my gps, I check up and out of the ravine, find a ranch, and make my way to the road (always keeping eye on where I am, and making a general left hand curve towards the campsite) I pop out here. I run to the hwy that we rode in on, and run back to the campsite. I'm pissed that I am missing the trail. Final distance 6 miles.
Then I come to find out that the guys that DID run the ball buster, only had 3.5 miles on their GPS. what the hell?! so I ran 6, cause I ran out, and made my own way. Lame.
Oh, Caveman, what the hell was that? hahahaha
On the other hand, I did rip my legs to shreds.
I posted this one, after I looked at it closer and realized there is some kind of man love going on behind me. I think that's Net and one of the El Paso Hashers wrestling on the stage.
Later, after much more beer, Net decided to take his first nap. I helped him to the ground, and made sure he was fed (crushed peanuts all over his face) and that he stayed hydrated (handed him more beer as often as possible)
After the post run circle fell apart....hashers from several kennels busted out and made their own circle...which went really well.
The band was brought in to drink for playing for us...again. Skunkweed.
More accusations and drinking.
After which I went over and had a shower. The organizers built a huge shower section, with water hot water was not a problem. Here was Donnie and I trying to figure out whether we should wake Net up from his 2nd nap of the day.
We did. And he didn't look to happy....but he got up and came over to the KDH3 compound for after hours shenanigans.
The band played on
Tekillya and I

We stayed up pretty late on Saturday night, until the wind nearly picked up the car port and between 5 of us, we held it down, as it got very cold, and as Knave went about tearing down the music equipment and the lighting systems...then we all scattered to keep warm however possible. ;)