Saturday, July 25, 2009

Half-Sleeve update...

So it's affectively been 8 months since I last went in for any ink on my arm. I just put it on the back burner, and it was not really at the top of the list. Having settled a bit, what with being out of town a lot of weekends, I decided to give my tattoo guy a call and chat with him about the background needed to finish up my right arm. Well, one conversation led to another, and that was this past Tuesday, and yesterday I went in for a brief session.

Well, the thought was to have a brief session and finish the front part of the arm, as he drew free hand on the arm with sharpies and then outlined things and colored it in. After an hour and a half, he had finished the front, but for the ribbon and a couple of the details, and we decided to go on with the rest of the background (wind bars, clouds, shading, etc.) Next thing you know, it's been 4 hours, and I'm starting to wince and he finishes.

Hahaha had to finish with the upper most portion of my underarm....that smarted, but good.

here is some photos. I'll try and drag up photos from the beginning and do one long post with the progressive photos, once I am done with the arm piece.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

BOHICA campout

Rode down to Lake Isabella area for a hash campout, after bagging on the races for this weekend (July 11th)
Started off as a long night on Friday with the Bostones at the fillmore, and lots of beer till about 4am. Well, there went my well laid plans to leave at 0530 to make it in time for the mountain bike bash. hahaha Regardless, I got up around 9am, had breakfast at the pork store with everyone that spent the night at my house. After a very leisurely morning, the guys kept harassing me to just stick around. and even bet on it. Well, that led to one thing.....I'd be rolling down to southern California without a doubt. :D
About 1pm, I was packed and ready to roll. one change of clothes, some shorts, my runners, and my sleeping bag with my hash mug attached, and I was out the door, much to the surprise of the guys who are worse than women when it comes to getting ready. The ride down was pretty uneventful, I was just going for time. So bombed down the 101 to Gilroy, and then over the 152 and Pacheco Pass onto IH-5 for the run south. 100 miles later, I cut east past Hwy 99 and onto hwy 155. I realized I'd been on here before with Leyla many years before. There is a nice spot to get off the road and take a break, up in the mountains. ;)

There is no cell service up at the A frame, so I would be going on coordinates alone and hope to find it. After turning off on Kelso Valley Rd, and going 25 miles, I found the dirt road that led to the property. 8.5 miles of this, and I'm almost there. and ready for some beer.

Long shadows in the evening, but the bike is running fine, and not doing too bad in the dirt. I'm ready to get off the bike though.

Once I arrived, there was no mistaking the bike is loud enough to hear from miles away. Everyone was in the hot tub (situated just to the left of that big boulder in the photo above). It's a man made hot tub, with a wood burning stove next to it, that cycles water through it, heating it up, and making it a kickass thing to have up in the mountains. No sooner had the bike been turned off, that Kenna was hollerin' for me to grab a beer she had poured. I think I was down to my skivies by the time I hit the hot tub a mere 20 ft away. :D righteous way to finish a long day of hangover and riding.

Dusty boots. The dry clutch does not approve.

Allison and Kenna being very welcoming. I love the BOHICA.

The toy. Polaris Razor. So Saturday night, Jimmy took this thing out and was giving folks rides. Phallus was in it with him, when they were drifting (sliding) around a corner at full throttle, and the left side tires blew out (pressure was probably too low) and the wheels caught in the dirt and launched the 4 wheeler in the air, then rolling 1 1/2 times. so awesome. All the guys were jealous that she was in the car and not them...including me.
Cause it must have been a helluva ride.
The next day everyone pitched in to try and get the tires back on and catch the bead while trying to air them up.

It was obvious after we got the two tires aired up, that the rear axle was jacked. as the right rear tire was further forward than the left rear tire. so much for rides. so off to lunch/breakfast we went.
Stripper dogs are the best. Bacon wrapped hot dogs, with beer for breakfast and dinner.

With that done, and a trail already laid by Numb Nutz, and us having completed it, it was time to make BOHICA shirts. So the stencil and the spray paint came out.

Pretty snazzy way to make event shirts if you ask me. cost? a couple cans of spray paint. how? well, the hashers bring a shirt of their choice, and then the logo is spray painted on the shirt. My shirts have gone through the laundry plenty of times, and the logo is still happily bright and clear.

Of course, shorts were made too. This was the first ever BOHICA shorts made. Much to the pleasure of all the guys at the campout. hahahaha It also became the first ever BOHICA (butt)tattoo, as the paint went right through the spandex. god bless harriettes. :D

On to circle, with chewcaca having driven in from Oklahoma to arrive at about 3am on Sunday morning, to drink, run trail and then get on the road to go see his family. hahaha

GA + Y = well, you know the rest.

A future Bohican/Knuckledragger.

After drinking all morning on Sunday, I tapered off some, and decided I needed to get home. 355 miles to go. not feeling the best, but I took off. Got off the mountain, and the heat was brutal. At my first gas stop, I almost some heat exhaustion, chugged some water and gatorade and made my way out on hwy 155 again, into the central valley. Hot as HELL!!!!
had to stop and rest at my gas stop on IH-5, but got home reasonably early...about 8:30 pm.
Rolled into the cave (my room) and chilled the rest of the night.
I have to say one thing about the BOHICAn's, they truly are the essence of what a hash campout should be. No bitching or whining, they are all very self sufficient, most of them run long distance, if not mountain bike regularly, so no one complains about the difficulty of trails, mtn bike or running....and they like to drink heavily, and get crazy. it's small enough, so the big planning is non-existent, and I always have a blast with them. hence I keep going to visit. To me, that's the secret to a great H3 campout. On to the next one.
A quick shot of the bike on the way down the hill. No more photos from here, as I was just on a mission to get home. Great time.
"May your air be filled with tires" -Bohica