Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday travel.

back in SF after an interesting day of travel.

Started off with little sleep, called the cab company in Austin, and go the oldest cab driver I've ever seen. hahahaha we tooled around, but still made it to the airport on time. (I swear, I'm going to start showing up 20 min before my flights), since there seems to be no reason to show up any earlier in Austin.

Flight out was uneventful, with a change of planes in Vegas. Flew out at sunset, and dropped into the bay area right at sundown. It was interesting, as I'm watching the Pacific Ocean, and the lights get brighter below, to see another airline jet flying next to us, off in the distance. Yet, it seemed to track closer and closer to us, in a parallel manner...we had an angle that was causing this it seemed.

I'm thinking, hmmmm, did the pilots see this other jet....this shouldn't be normal, should it?

Just as I'm gonna hit the call button and say something to the flight attendant, our jet banks up sharply and throttles up. hahahaa guess they saw it after all.

I could see the passengers in the windows of the adjacent airplane.

Captain comes on a minute later, with a calm explanation, saying that they normally approach two planes at the same time, parallel to each other, onto parallel runways, but that in this case our distance was just a bit inside the "legality standards" (his words) and they called our number to go around. Me thinks, someone fucked up, and they caught it in time. Otherwise why would you say that they do this all the time, but somehow today it wasn't "legal"?

It amazes me at how much people in general will not speak up, for fear of embarassment or overreacting. As quite a few people just stared out the window and never said anything, till we banked up and went around.

at the airport, waiting for my ride, I saw some mom (speaking a foreign language) have a meltdown with her child and beat her some, cause the kid just wated to go pee. hahaha
kinda sucks. from the gestures, the kids crossed legs, the amount of times they both said "pee pee", I think the mom told her to pee in her pants, and was frustrated cause she had a bunch of baggage with her.

the joys of holiday travel. For me, it was easy. Not a lot of people travel on the actual holiday.

Back to work now for the next four days.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

One day off...

...choices....hmmm, which to do. Not sure. I'll catch some zz's, and hit the Austin H3 for some running, or I could go ride out to Lockhart for some ribs and then out to Roundtop for some of the best Pecan Pie around.

and tonight, Lovejoys...for a little bday celebration. A few friends from work, and whomever else...either way, I'm cabbing it home and expect to have a hangover in the morning. haha