Saturday, November 14, 2009

fun with windows...

..about midnight, we had two kids walk in bleeding everywhere....they wheeled one back in the wheelchair, and we rush him into the trauma bay, find our positions and get to work on him.....after pulling off the bandages, we found the source of the majority of the bleeding, three 6-7 inch gashes along the right neck. Nice one, kid, you really went all out in getting these.

Him and his brother were wrestling in the house and went through a plate glass window. Luckily, none of the blood from the neck was spurting out, so he was lucky...otherwise, he might have bled to death before he got to us.

Bet they'll think twice about horsing around at home again.

It was some good excitement, and an impressive wound.

This morning the pediatric E.R. nurses went out for drinks at Katz, and ran into the adult E.R. nurses who were there drinking too....hilarity ensued. hahahahaha

Texas is the only state, that I've worked in, where the hospital staff would get together after work in the mornings for booze, beer and breakfast.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day ride!

I'd been wanting to ride out to Luckenbach, Tx. for a while now, and being back in Austin temporarily seemed perfect. Luckenbach was established in 1849 as a trading post. Being Veterans day, I figured it would be a great ride, and Knave (Rob) had time off so he swung by the house and off we went.
It was late in the day, as I had passed out in the morning, after a lot of hours working, I needed a few more zzz's. We rode west on hwy 290, not the most scenic, but still nice and traffic free west of Dripping Springs. Knave was keeping up on his clapped out (hahaha) HD sportster.
We had gotten an email from RC about meeting up with us, as she's in Dripping Springs, so we were either going to meet her on the road, or at Luckenbach. It happened we passed DS before she got there.
a few shots once we got there.
A shot of Knave with our bikes, and then Cherry rolled up and we hung out for a while. Had a drink and a sloppy joe before rolling back to Austin, since it's (M)S.S.'s bday tonight and we're supposed to go out.

The trash has been here. LOL Saw this Carolina Trash H3 sticker on the wall at Luckenbach. So cool, and those guys are hilarious and shittons of fun to hang out with.

This was hilarious...I figured it to be a "parking spot" for your guitar cases. hahaha There was a couple guys picking away at their g'tars. Next pic, is Cherry and myself under the post office sign.

Later that night, we met up with Slut Slinger and we all had drinks after hitting up the Austin H3 mismanagement elections party. A few overly fancy drinks at Pashe and then some burgers at "El Camino Real" (as seen on Dive's, Diner's and Drive Inn's) and passed out from a long day of fun.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


waiting on F.U. Knave to show up so we can go ride our motorcycles to Luckenbach, Texas. :D

Pics to follow.

Looking forward to a nice ride out, on this sunny Veterans Day!! Honor all of our Vets today, by showing them respect and remembering their contribution to this great Nation.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old School Badass

Just a sick photo that I thought I'd share with you guys. Saw it over on this blog, The Vintangent, that I follow. A cool blog that follows and catalogs Motorcycle History.

Monday, November 9, 2009


the countdown is on, to the end of this 4 day stretch of work at LPCH (palo alto). Flying back to Austin tomorrow, through LAX, god do I hope we don't change planes. hahahaha

I hate LAX. It's been a great weekend here, trying to catch up with friends, and getting some errands done.

Got the racebike running and in straight order, thanks to Shawn who came over and worked on the bike. Had a fabulous dinner at the Cliffhouse with my friend Lindsay.
Sunday, made brunch with Emm and a few of her friends for her bday.

Sleep, maybe I'll sleep on the plane tomorrow. hahaha and (M)SS 's birthday is on Wednesday, so I have a feeling we'll get in some trouble.