Saturday, March 14, 2009


....Lots happening in the last week. will post up more soon. some not so fun or happy. but life moves on, and I'm glad that I have friends and family to support me, even if some don't agree with how I choose to live my life. Oh well, can't satisfy all of them.

A quick note:(I will expand on it later) My grandfather passed away last Saturday. He was in the hospital, and it seemed like another bout with Cancer that had been showing up and weakening him and that he'd get on his meds and be home soon. He was upbeat when I spoke to him on Thursday, yes, the day I flew out to Colombia. We were both at peace with each other and I find solace in that. A big part of the reason that I rode my motorcycle to Texas in October of 2008 is because I wanted all of those memories tied in with him, as well as the days that him and I spent together talking and getting to know more about each other. All of his wishes were followed as I'm told, and I know he is resting now, no more pain, no more hardship. Even in the end, he fought, as he truly was a great man. The greatest man that I have known. Rest in Peace Gramps, I will miss you greatly, and I will see you again.

Time has come for some changes and new directions in my life. All is well with that, as well as being debt free recently. Yep, debt free. Last few bits of payments are the regular stuff that go with every day living, but as far as the large credit card debt that I (foolishly) accumulated at a younger age, they are all gone!

I just got back home on Wednesday night. Wanted to be alone, and not really talk to anyone, but sent my communications to my mom and grandmother. I went to work Thursday and Friday. Hard days at work. We coded two of our kids and a third one was not doing to hot last night. Very busy and very trying nights at work what with the recent happenings in my family. We did our best, and the kids are still alive. I'll express more on that later.

I'm off today, and going to see a San Jose Sharks Hockey game that my roommates have invited me too, with some free tickets.

A simple statement to whomever listens, reads or cares to do it: If you have family, friends or significant others, take the time to tell them how much you love them, care for them, and are happy that they are in your life. I'm glad I changed that in the last few months and that I did that for my grandfather and towards my mom as well. You just never know which conversation could be the last one. (I know, getting a bit sentimental there) but fuck it, it's the way it is sometimes.

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