Friday, February 13, 2009

Danica Patrick...HOT!!!!!

Can I just take this moment to say, "Danica Patrick, you make my pants tight!"
Not only is she uber-hot, she kicks ass as a Racer. Not top of the game, but damn, she's doing it.

Jesu-Cristo!!!! Sports Illustrated photo shoot!!! :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pacific Coast Trail Runs... I was getting bored. I am enjoying running, as much as can be..and mostly cause I just go out and run and keep an eye on my wrist gps and it gives me pretty accurate distances. I do this, cause I've always had a problem with getting bored while running.

After the Calico trail run, hadn't searched out the next venture. Got tired of waiting, and finally found the Pacific Coast Trail Runs website, and all of the local runs that are on there. Might make it easier to make it to these races, as I am booknig my time solid for the rest of the year on so much other shit.

Either way, I signed up for the Sequoia Trail Run 50km in the Oakland hills, on Feb 28th.

I'm still trying to find people to go and do it, and if none come around, then I'll just pound it out on my own.

drop bag, or no drop bag?
there is 5,030 ft elevation gain on the 50k, so that should be interesting.

9 hour cut off time. I've done 30 miles in 8 hours before. I will be trying to beat that time.