Wednesday, May 12, 2010

aluminum swingarm damage.

So what does a $24.57 bolt do when it snaps?
Well, funny you should ask. If loosened, said bolt will allow the end cap of the chain adjusters to slip back and spin....consequently hitting the rear sprocket and chucking it into traffic somewhere....while at the same time ripping a chunk of the aluminum swingarm, outwardly with it.

Didn't even feel it happen while out riding. Was scrubbing in new tires, took a 111 mile quick trip here in the bay area shoreline area, and came home to this.

bummer. already lining up an Aluminum welder to repair it, and just need to get the parts. unbelievable that that 2 sided bolt is over $20 bucks.

It's PBR time.

Ducati M900 aluminum swingarm damage