Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Duran Duran @ the Fillmore

Simon LeBond on stage. Nick Rhodes still wears too much makeup, but they started the set with Wild Boys, and followed through for a pretty long show.
Turning down the tempo.

Sold out show, means a poster. I don't know about this, it looks kinda....well....ambiguous. haha

So, I had scored a ticket to go check out Duran Duran at the fillmore in SF. Pretty cool, I think it sold out in a couple hours. There were people out front in hordes trying to score tickets from the scalpers. Stopped off at my favorite Korean joint for a quick bite to eat, and then made my way in. I can't remember how many times I heard people reminiscing about high school and going on about Duran Duran. This was MILF central. Holy smokes...looks like they got a one day pass, but there were also the slobbering drunk ladies, who might want to consider going to the gym once a month...hahaha....concert was cool, went for some beers after, and now back to work before I head back to the Fillmore for the Mighty Mighty Bostones on Friday.
Also, found out that I might get the "Chickenfoot" concert poster after all. They had sold out, but a printing error prevented them from handing them out. I talked to the main guy who greets people every night, and he said they are in the ticket booth. score.