Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lucky 13, S.F., moto meet

Flew into S.F. and finally made one of the motorcycle meets....we held it at the Lucky 13 Bar, on Market. PBR tall cans, and then rounded it out with a few at Benders on the way home. Good night.

New Years Resolution(s)!

Heh. Everyone makes these and they usually don't follow through. So I won't sit here and pontificate on doing a bunch of shit. I will however stay realistic.

1. I will drink a lot
2. I will run more
3. 2010 is the year that I train properly and diligently for the 100 mile race I want to run, either end of year, or in 2011.
4. At least 2 out of country trips....long trips. not including motorcycle rides out of country.
5. I will run with the hash house harriers more.

that's about good. hahahaha

Need to update 2010's events:
Bigfoot Snowshoe hash on 1/30/10
Warrior Dash Series, happening throughout the year, more of a party with hashers.
Race season is on it's way and need to get the dates. Hoping to race the bike at least 4 times this year.

eh...that's about good. :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pier 39 Sea Lions missing!

San Francisco is in an uproar about the famous Sea Lions of Pier 39. During the winter, it is typical that the pier be covered in smelly, loud and obnoxious sounding Sea Lions, but practically overnight, they all dissapeared. None left whatsoever, since they first took over the pier in late 1989, right after the Loma Prieta Earthquake.

During the summer, the majority of the Sea Lions head south for the mating season, leaving younger Sea Lions, but, this time, nothing.

The absurd excuses and whining from the tourists and locals is laughable.

My thought, maybe the animals know something that we can never figure.
Hell, they say animals can sense impending disaster. :D Earthquake?! and they did show up right after the last devastating earthquake to hit the bay area, the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake which collapsed portions of the bay bridge.

I have a feeling one is coming very soon. I hope I'm wrong of course, as I fly home tomorrow morning. LOL
Back to California in the morning. Pretty sure that the weather will be identical there as well. haha

rainy and cold.

3 ICU pts last night (2 were mine), 2 to IMC, one adult down, a battered 3 y/o and a runner (psych pt) who was all talk. Just another night in the er.

Funnier still, the pt's mom who called the nurse hotline from the waiting room to complain that we didn't want to see her kid. huh? hahaha no, it's just that there was a 4+hour wait, they'll try anything. hahaha

Sunday, December 27, 2009


On my last visit to San Francisco I stopped by the local In & Out and had a FOUR X FOUR, animal style. :D

Just thought you would like to know, that I had In & Out burgers recently. :D

Rat chops....

Another killer bike sighting at Lovejoys!!! I need to come down here with my good camera and get some decent shots.

Iron Chef BBQ at Knave's house.

Got back from my ride around Texas, and Knave had a BBQ competition going on at his house. What better way to finish a 2 day ride around Texas but with some kickass bbq.
(M) S.S. won 1st place for the ribs. He was showing off his trophy. hahaha
kick ass eats!!!

80,000 miles!!!

Hit another marker on the Monster. 80,000 miles. :D
Had some service done on my girl, and she is running like a champ.

Fortunately had the service done since Scott at Desmoto found two seized cam belt bearings. Luckily the belt hadn't snapped yet...but was about to. Ha!
Then had the forks redone.

The rebuild is coming soon, once I get the Multistrada out to California.