Saturday, October 31, 2009

A day out in Austin.

So I had a few days off in Austin, and yesterday being so sunny and nice out, I decided to go out and get some photos in the city. I rode through the U.T.-University campus for a shot of one of the two more famous landmarks, which are the UT-clocktower, 1935,which has some macabre history to it, (read up on Charles Joseph Whitman) and the other is the Texas State Capitol building, which is similiar to the National one in D.C., only it's about 15 ft taller. :D hahaha always bigger in Texas. LOL
U.T. was founded in 1836, and the clock tower was erected over the main building in 1935. It was closed for 23 years starting in 1975, after Charles Whitman went on a killing spree, and snipered 14 people, eventually dying at the hands of police who stormed the tower top.

I rode by Lovejoy's to see what time they opened, and cause I wanted a beer....:( not till 4pm. But I did see this clapped out Ducati out front. Gnarly rat bike, too cool.

After a nice ride for a few hours, I stopped at Mt. Bonnel to get a quick view of the city, took a couple photos and then meandered through the city


Eventually, I ended up at Lovejoys, after a couple hashers said they'd meet up there. Saw these really cool bikes out front, and after talking to the bartender, found out they belong to them. A chopped and custom old BMW airhead (ABC) with the side jugs, and a killer looking 750 Norton Commando.

After that we ended up at Mean Eyed Cats for a few beers, and then some chicken wings...."you can't drink all day, unless you start in the morning"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

just passing through...

hahaha, so I'm bored, had a few minutes while the rain is coming down in sheets....found some photos that I thought were really killer....
That last shot of the hot rod pickup, is my favorite. I've always wanted a mid '40's pick up truck, or tow truck to convert into a badass little hot rodd, like the green one above.
Currently working on a 1967 Camaro, with a built motor, and custom paint job, to come. That linked picture looks very simliar to the ideas I have for the car. The paint scheme is the same too. I really like that white, with the red racing stripes.

Candlestick Park, SF.....check.

I've been catching up on so many trips, events and adventures, and will be posting up more photos soon.

I went to catch a live NFL football game last month with some co-workers. It was the SF 49er's vs Seattle Seahawks at Candlestick Park....and seeing as how it is a historic sporting venue, and I only live 2 miles from this place, I had to come check it out. Not only that, but there is talk of building the new 49'er stadium and this one might be demolished.
Had loads of fun, with what little sleep (2 hours) I'd had, since I worked the night before, and then we tailgated right up until kick off. It was super hot, and next time, I know what seats to buy, so that the afternoon sun is covered by the stadium walls for some shade. Basically, across from where we were sitting. LOL


Coffee!!! Must have coffee! If the weather is decent today, I think I'll roll out to Luckenbach, Tx for a looksee. :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Texas BBQ

I'm definitely I just rode 56 miles round trip over to Lockhart, for some lunch. :D A pound of brisket, and a full rack of ribs with some delicious sides to go, threw them in the messenger bag and raced back to Austin.
It's 28.5 miles door to door to Smitty's (best damned bbq), in Lockhart.

I foresee more runs in the near future...hahaha now, if we could just get Chris' Harley running, I could convince him to go with me. :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Orleans!!! or bust!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009: Shake down run for the new wHip. Or as I like to call it "Parrandiando con la otra mujer" ;) la mujer siendo la negrita que esta en la primera photo.

Here are some photos of the trip I took this last weekend. Since I bought the bike on Friday, and had the weekend off, I figured why not make a run out to New Orleans to visit some hasher friends. P.S. Knave and Spread'em.

Starting mileage, 16,018

After getting home and throwing a bag together, I decided to roll out and get some lunch in Lockhart, Tx. Home to some of the best barbecue in the world. hahahaha I love these small town courthouses....they are elaborate and historic in nature, as well as unique each town you visit. (M)SS told me to go to Smitty's bbq as it was one of the best.

Below is a photo of the bike in front of the courthouse, and then the old entrance to Smitty's.

I have to agree, that BBQ was unbelieavably good. The brisket was beyond tender and juicy, with just enough fat to add flavor.....I think this is the first time that I have eaten BBQ without adding any bbq sauce...because it didn't need it.

the fires on either side of the smokers, providing the heat for the slow cooking meat.

photo below, is where I pulled over on the side of the road to put on my started to get chilly

After a good lunch, I hit the back roads to 290 and then east to was pretty late in the day, so I decided to go as far as Houston only....The Woodlands to be exact. :D After arriving around 6pm, and some cool riding, and watching the screen on my bike go to a light tone of blue.....I got together with DTR and his brother and we went out for food at some sushi place.

a final shot of DTR his brother and a friend of theirs...before I called it a night. hahaha

The next day (Saturday) I was going to book it to N.O. Knowing that my friend Virginia was in New Iberia for a high school reunion...I called her, and told her I was in Lafayette, La. on one of my fuel stops. She said to wait there, and was only 23 miles away...hahahha awesome. so we decided to go and get some food, and being that that is one of the reasons I was out here, I was game. Off to Poche's on Breaux Bridge for some authentic cracklin' and Boudain. Damn good stuff. From there we rolled to her sisters house and we made plans for the following day for lunch with them, since they were cooking up a storm the following day and watching the undefeated New Orleans Saint's (5-0) wtf?! hahahaha

After a while, I rode out to N.O., being only 45 miles away...since Knave and Spread were waiting for me. I arrived to a sunset sky, that looked like it was on fire, with blazing orange clouds.. Pretty spectacular as I haven't been to the south in a long time, and haven't been through the storms we're going through right now. I love it, and miss the heavy downpours a lot. So after getting ready, we headed out to a H3 benefit for some charitable organization. We just showed up for the free beer. LOL

Photo in the middle, is Kelly, Ryun and Myself. (Spread'em, P.S. Knave)
We had a good time, and it was at a funky Art Gallery (can't remember the name) but they had some creepy shit on the wall (although I liked a few of them :D) So knave and I went about impersonating the art pieces...and got spread, in on the action.

I can't remember that short ladies name, but she is a hasher, her dad was a horse jockey....and she was hilariously hammered. After a while we got bored, and the festivities were wrapping up, so we went out to a bar for some beer, where Knave and I serenated each other on a fabuloussssssssly sequined/bedazzled piano. LOLOL that last song was for Brownie. Then we needed to get all kinds of photos with weird shit across the city. So with beers in tow, we stopped by these eye statues. Pretty cool shit. And then Knave said we should scale a wall and go see this huge metal statue, and he convince Spread to go in first so I'd go too...hahahaha we got the above photo...again, I'm pointing at what Brownie likes the most. Cack!!

Then we found this head that's semi covered in bushes. climbed all over that, and then off for some Beniegts at Cafe du Mond!! Where Knave showed me how to eat them.....basically you put as much powdered sugar on them as you can. Goddam, were they good!!!!

I think I took that picture of Kelly to show how huge the guy sitting behind her was. hahahaha, I think it kinda scared her when he plopped down. :D

Above is a picture of Jackson square with some time delay shutter speed. Then I took a picture of this ginormous Clarinet on the side of the Holiday Inn. hahaha
We ended up in the quarter, and hoped around to some bars. Apparently police horses can take a piss wherever the hell they want. LOL We were at another bar, and a zombie kickball team came out and attacked Kelly on the sidewalk. ahahahaha, Then Knave convinced her that it was a good idea to climb up on the art piece for a photo. I happen to agree. Cool ass photos and a hilariously good time with these guys.

Being that we've been drinking pretty good, and it's now near 2am, it's time for food. Knave asked what I'd been wanting, and I said, on my list was a Fried Oyster Po' off we go in search of a place that is open...and some other locals point us to Verti's Market on Royal St. That's me and Knave up there ordering food, ate the whole damned sandwich. so good.

P.S. Knave says, "how can I be drunk when my eyes are still open!! "LOL

The next morning, Kelly made us breakfast and I needed to head out.

Sunday morning:

This morning I had plans to cross Lake Ponchatrain north of New Orleans, and ride on the longest bridge in the world.....The Ponchatrain Causeway...

Here are a few self photos of myself riding across. It's crazy to be out in the middle of the lake, and nothing but water, and this one way road. If a crash happens out here, it can get backed up for hours upon hours. With this ride across the Causeway, I get to cross it off my list of things to do.
I got across the Ponchatrain and hooked a left on IH-12 and headed to Baton Rouge to meet up with Virginia again since they were in the middle of cooking up and watching the game, and that means....home made gumbo, and jambalaya and other southern treats.
after a long lunch, I rode off into the sunset......and got hit with food coma bad....hahahaha, so I had to pull over and get a Monster Energy drink before I ran into a car or something.
I was getting close to Houston, and the sun was about gone (photo below) .....I'm now racing to make it to Austin for the Tragically Hip concert that my buddy invited me to, and I have a ticket for.
Funny, this was a really good photo that I took on my camera phone...and it really defines how the night was going to be. It got dark quick, and IH-10 is dark and lonely. hahaha After riding through some heavy and fast Houston traffic (feels like an all out assault of adrenaline and gasoline as I twisted the throttle and skirted cars at near a buck through the city center), outside the city I linked up with some fast movers, and we cruised at about 85-90. I was running really late, and had almost resigned myself to not making the concert, and after turning on Hwy 183 north, it was really late. I figured I was out for the I rolled into the house, and txtd Marcus. I get an immediate text back, "they're still playing, get down here", I look at Chris, and say "I'm outta here" hahahahaha, I made it down to La Zona Rosa and saw a whole hour of the show...they played for 3 hours, including the encore. Holy shit, that is a long time to play.
Some parting shots of myself, with Heather and Marcus before they headed home at 1am. Also a shot of Gord, lead singer for the Tragically Hip.
one last addendum, I heard today from Marcus, that they had a blow out on the way home in the middle of the night, and he's in a parking lot, changing the tire, when the sprinkler system along the side turned on, and water is cascading down on him as he lays under the mini-van trying to take out the tire. HAHAHAHAHAHAHALOLHAHAHAHAHAHA and Heather, who was "done" earlier...I think was of no help. :D
end miles: 17,192 (total of 1,174)