Friday, June 18, 2010

good day of games in the World Cup.

Damn, there are some serious surprises going on in World Cup.

Too bad too many Americans think this game is boring...I absolutely love the World Cup. Brings out the best, worst of every countries team. hahaha

Surprises, Germany upset by Serbia. Holy Hell, that ref was handing out yellow cards as if they were candy, plus the red card that dropped the German team to 10 players, allowing Serbia to score soon after. Then the Germans were given the greatest gift you can receive in World Cup play....a penalty kick....and they botched it. what the hell?! hahahaha

USA ties in their match, in the second half....2-2, which was huge, since they were down by 2 through the first half. It keeps them in the game, but they have to play Algeria next week. Who probably won't be an easy team to match up against, seeing as how Algeria just tied with England 0-0 (they played hard, and both sides defended very well), that was a major blow for England. but then again, I'm okay with that. hahahaha

I really need to start recording these usually there is 3 games per day. Starting at 4-4:30 in the morning, 2nd one at 11am, and 3rd one at 1-2pm. hahahaha doesn't help that I'm working nights in a row. oh well, it's World Cup....only happens every 4 years.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Mexico vs France

Mexico by 2 goals, one by penalty!

tied in 1st place with Uruguay in their group.

Tomorrow, USA takes on Slovenia for a key game to keep them in play.

watching the games on a 50 inch flat screen is the best!!!