Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I don't usually talk abou it, but last night had one "wtf?!" moment that I had to write down. HHAHAHA shit.

Some 16 y/o came into the e.r., under the guise of psychotic behavior and suicidal tendencies. So they put her in one of my rooms, I go in to do an assesment and ask her why she is here today...mind you it is midnight. She says that she is here to have a DNA test done to prove that her mom is her mom or not. HAHAHAHAHA wtf?! for real? I asked when this thought and need came about, and she says "three years ago" I give her the :| look and exit. the Docs can deal with her. hahahahahaha
anyway, thought it was random....they evaluated her, and sent her home with parents. no risk...f/u with your psych.

and had a 5 mo/old that we had to intubate, bad respiratory problems on him. Was good to work on that case and the whole process, made the hours click away like lightning. heh, not a bad night of fun in the ER, don't know what all those nurses complain about. :D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Photos coming soon from this past weekends ride.

Cold as hell, but worth it. Managed to hare a trail in Corpus Christi on Thursday, celebrate Chanuka with the Seivers in Houston and then hang in Austin for 2 days of relaxation.

Now, to start my 3 week run of work work work.

Hoping to have a few days off after New Years Eve in SF.

Registered for this race: Bigfoot snowshoe race