Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cold as ice...

On the 5 minute drive home tonight...yes, that's right..I drove to work yesterday. Mostly cause I got up late, but also cause it was freaking cold.

This morning it was 26 degrees F. and as I got onto the interstate, I noticed on the opposing lane, 2 motorcycle cops had cars pulled over. HAHAHAHA

Damn, now that's hard core. Bet the cars had no idea or didn't even look for moto cops, thinking they wouldn't be out in that cold. Oh well, there is such a thing as "heated gear" to make the ride more comfortable. Unfortunately I don't have any here. haha

chelada x1 done.
time for bed. :D

Friday, December 4, 2009


224 lbs. Heh. Interesting.

1 of 4 down, back to work tonight. Apparently it's supposed to snow today. HAHAHAHAHA in Austin. While it is not impossible (as it's happened before) I doubt it will, as they're already predicting sunny weather in the 60's tomorrow, Saturday. If it does, I am taking the back roads. Last thing I want to do is drive around with a bunch of yokels who don't know how to drive in snow, let alone rain. :D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

flying high

Just booked two more flights for work to SF in the month of Dec. Gonna be a lot of running around at the end of this month. It was a busy past 2 weeks, but got a good day of rest (not really) in SF, on Tuesday and managed to fly back on Wed. I have to say that the Stanford Women's soccer team did nothing to encourage anyone to think how smart students from that college are. hahahaha

no idea how to board a plane...even southwest, which has dumbed it down so much.
no idea how to follow instructions from flight attendants...reminded me of the Italians, when I was overseas. hahaha
but a few were cute, so no biggie, right?

back to work tonight for 4 some time off next week, and think I'm going to try and hit the Corpus Christi Bay Area Larrikins H3 run on Thursday the 10th of Dec. Otherwise it's work, sleep, work, sleep.

Working Xmas here in Austin, and New Years at Stanford. oh the joy. :D

I think I may have found the spot in Baja where I'm going to ride to, maybe solo, when this job contract is done, and just lay in a hammock, next to the ocean, with unlimited beer, tacos, ocean, and whales swimming just off shore on the Sea of Cortez. :D

off to find some breakfast.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Next in 2010

Bandera 50k is out (work related), Brownie, it is a 100k but they also have a 50k.

Catalina 50 miler is out (work again)

but this, BIGFOOT race, looks to be a go, with a bunch of hashers. :D Looking to sign up for the 25k.
It will be right after my work contract is done in Austin, and I'll finish this, and fly back to Houston perhaps and do the Brass Monkey H3 inaugaral hash with those reTArds from the Kimchi. :D

Now, to find a better set of snow shoes and boots. Ideas?

on a side note, on day 2 of 4 at Stanford. Not to bad, but some misguided planning on my part for my schedule will probably have me flying back to SF in 2 weeks, after working 6 nights in a row in Austin. work work work, happy that I have it, so not bitching. :D

The money is okay too. hahahaha :D