Tuesday, March 2, 2010

packing up to hit the road.

It's strange, but anytime I know I'm coming to an end of a contract, I seem to get more accelerated in my purposes and in getting things done. The thing I have a hard time doing, is packing up. haha not cause there is a lot to do, but because it takes me a fairly short time to do, and I can be in and out of a residence I have in roughly 2 hours. so, I guess I procrastinate. But then again, if I had packed things up days ago, I'd be sitting around bored, and with nothing to do. get it? haha

but now I'm awake and nearly 4am, and thinking of what I can load up now in the truck, I'll load the motorcycle early this morning, get some coffee and start the arduous journey to McAllen, where I'll leave my stuff before flying to SF tomorrow morning super early.

I'm so used to going through larce city airports, that I need to remember, that going through security in McAllen, might take all of 10 minutes or less. haha

anyway, I'll be in Colorado in about 2 weeks for some running and beer. and apparently I'm haring a run. which is even cooler.

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