Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 days off!!!

Woot!! HAHAHA for real? yeah, 4 days off. I'm so giddy I don't know what to do. Haven't had a stretch like this in a while. Packing up the bag, and getting the bike ready, after putting on some new rubber yesterday, and buying a new lid. (treated myself for all the hard work :D )

Riding out to Roundtop, Tx to visit the Royer's Roundtop Cafe since one of my co-workers (E.R. Tech) is married to one of the sons of the owners. Best damn pies in Texas from what I hear.

Then on to Corpus Christi, moving up to The Woodlands with Dewey P. Seivers and celebrate the first day of Channuka hahahaha and then come back on Saturday to participate in FuKnave's BBQ competition at his house. Dang, that's a lofty trip.

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Off to finish packing and catch you guys in a few days

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jimsom weed

the 14 year old boy who overdosed on Jimsom Weed was tripping balls 6 hours after he arrived...damn near hilarious except for the insane hallucinations he was having in the e.r. and this stuff can last 11 days. hahaha


Sunday, December 6, 2009

BALH3 12-10-09

Gonna ride/drive down to Corpus Christi this Thursday, hoping to stop through Roundtop, Tx. at Royers Cafe for some amazing Pecan Pie.

Need to talk to the KOA campground people, in preperation for TXIH 2010, and also gonna hash with the Bay Area Larrikins H3.

And then....on to DTR's for some sushi and beer drinking and all around shenanigans...I think....I hope. :D

4 of 4

well, tonight is my last night of 4 working in Austin, after coming off of 4 at Stanford. maybe I'm getting a little tired.

I had a chelada yesterday morning, and when I got up for work, I felt like shit. weird. maybe I was hungover from the small amount of alcohol I drank, after not drinking much for a few weeks.

appetite is finally coming back, which is helping the fatigue. :D

time to go run.

snowshoe race rego sent.
I think I'll go to Salt Lake City for a few extra days and hit the slopes with my board.