Friday, June 5, 2009

Time to ride.

time to roll out. Riding down to Paso Robles for the BARF rally, meeting up with about 60 other riders and spending the weekend in SOCAL drinking and riding (while sober) in that region.

now to find my camera.

peace out.

What's racing without a party and bbq...

haha, it's not fun, that's what it is. So we've thrown our pits together, and had a great crowd of racers.
Stan (#750), Conan (#849), Chris (#897), and myself (#782)

For lunch, we had invited a bunch of friends from our motorcycle forum, and usually get a good crowd of enthusiasts who come out and cheer us on and hang out to eat our food and drink our beer...hahaha much like hashers.

So for lunch, we fired up the grill and threw on the dogs and burgers. The sun was out, and this was a phenomenal day of riding.

I am very happy with my conditioning and the higher miles of running I've been doing, as I don't feel tired, nor out of breath after running a race or a long practice session as I used to. It takes a lot of muscles to man handle the bike around a track consistently over and over....and it's obvious when the guys get tired, as you can see their lap times slow down, and they don't go into the corners as confident. Not conducive to moving up in the ranks.

Our pit set up. We got a good crowd to come out for lunch.

Bryan Davis, probably one of the fastest men out in 650 Production. :D hahahaha poor B.
Josie loves our weiners. for real.
Group six?! That boy is fast on his bicicleta.
Stan "sexy" Chan
"I don't do autographs, please don't take my photo, or I have to charge money" hahaha ghey.

Marco and his son out cheering on the local BARF racers.
Josh took over the grilling duties.
Da pimps of DC (Daly City), sorry guys, we didn't have any rice cooked for you all. :( hahahaha
Val, rocking out! hahaha
myself, Stan, Conan, Chris.
and finally, Joe from came over to get a group shot, and we obliged with a little kung fu action, except Chris who was too cool for school, and just used sign language to let everyone know how efeminate he was. :D

Awesome weekend. I am skipping out next round to do some other things I have planned over the summer, as well as the 5th round to go down to Souther California to a hash campout in the southern Sierras.

AFM Rd. 3 - Infineon Raceway - race report

May 23rd and 24th was the AFM Rd 3 races at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma.
I did very well at my last race here only 1 month earlier, so I was looking forward to another fun filled weekend, hopefully without the drama and injuries that marred the first round at IR.

I decided to skip practice on Saturday to save some money, and try and budget my weekend, hence only 2 races on Sunday.

Some of the guys were already up at IR, so I drove my things up there on Saturday morning to set up my pits and hang out at the track. It was cold on Saturday and a few guys had gone down due to cold tires and pushing it too hard.

Mid morning we heard that the track was red flagged and they were out picking up some riders, about 15 min later we saw the chopper coming in. Fuck. Never a good sign. Wishing whoever it was a speedy recovery.

We got to working on bikes, and then I saw the crash truck come through the pits, and a friend of mines bike was in the back. shit! Went over to his pits, and after looking at the bike, it looked in really good where was Mark. Turns out, he was the one that got life flighted out. He lowsided in T2 and in the process of vacating the track, he was struck by another motorcycle, hard, and was thrown down the track. It's basically like being hit at about from the reports from the NMP's (National Motorcycle Patrol) the yellow flags didn't fly immediately, and the two riders that came up on him, didn't realize their was an incident on track. First bike saw Mark, and went around him, but the 2nd bike couldn't avoid him. He hit Mark, and also went down, fracturing a jaw and getting beat up. Marks injuries were worse, with several fractures, from scapula, 4 ribs, pelvis and elbow. update: he's out of the hospital and recovering at home, as cantankerous as ever. hahaha great thing to hear.

With Saturday pretty much being just a day of hanging out, I went home to get some sleep, and come back on Sunday: May 24th.

I arrived just a bit late, so didn't have everything prepped, and I hadn't teched my bike the night before, so down to tech, registered and got the bike started, as Practice session 2 was coming up fast. I got out to the hot pits by 3rd call, and only did about 3 laps in the hot pits, no where near what I should have, or usually do, and went out on track with cold tires. The weather was overcast and cold still, and I thought I was taking it slow, but as I came around T3b (a cresting right hander) the front just tucked all of a suddent and I lowsided as I went over the crest and slid to the outside of the track. WTF?! Well, this sucks, I've now crashed my bike in the first lap of first practice and I'm Race #1. :|

After I stopped sliding, I looked around, hopped up and ran for the fence, lest I get run over by anyone. We managed to prop up the bike, and I had to wait for the end of that session, which seemed like forever. Afterwards, I was given a quick break to grab the bike and take it down the hill. After getting her started, I managed to bring the bike back into the pits. With all the guys there, they immediately jumped on the bike, without even asking me if I needed help. They quickly assesed the damage (broken brake lever, frayed throttle cables, bent clip on tube, bent Right rear set, some rash, otherwise good to go).

The guys started grabbing parts, and tools and immediately went into action tearing apart the parts that needed either replacement or repair. It was very cool to see the comraderie of a race weekend and all of these guys working super hard to get me out on track for my first Race.

Random racers (Thanks #517) stopped by to lend parts, after going to their pits and bringing everything they had to help with the rear sets.
Alan came by to see if I needed anything, and offer help with repairs.
The craziness ensues, tools flying, repairs made, and trying to keep track of who I owe parts too, and who helped was getting out of hand. hahahaha
Rear sets torn apart and I managed to frankenstein functional rear sets on the bike, from all the parts donated.
Hands everywhere. Throttle cables replaced, reset and tube replaced, front brake lever replaced.
On On mofo's.
Determined to do something, or at least give it a good effort, although at this point I had mostly resigned myself to missing the first race.
Cleaning out the rest of the dirt and grime that was all over the bike. Luckily nothing went down those blue tubes, which feed through the carbs directly into the motor. One little rock, and the engine would have been toast. I really need to get some type of filters on them.
Well, long story short......the guys managed to get me rolling out of my pits, down to the tech garage, teched the bike, got my grid position, and made the riders meeting as it was starting...and hell yeah, I made my first race. Race #1, Formula IV. Fucking awesome...but with the quick turnaround, I didn't have time to tweak the throttle tube, and it was a bit stiff throughout the race, not letting me get on the throttle to full throttle as quickly as I would have liked coming out of the corners. Oh well, I was racing dammit! haha
Cresting over T3b where I earlier low sided in the morning. Under full throttle trying to keep the front tire down on the ground.
A nice shot apexing T2 I believe.
T2, with Marcus behind me. haha He is very fast, and is the guy who lent me the other set of throttle cables. Thanks dude.
I wanna say thanks to all the guys that helped out. Stan, Conan, Dimitry, Alan, Marcus, Bryan Davis, #517, #791, and everyone else that I may have missed.

B.B. King at the Fillmore

With Mark being a big blues fan, I managed to find some tickets to BB King at the Fillmore. So for his birthday we rolled on the bikes up to the city and caught a really historic act. It was amazing to watch the band come on, start to play and get the crowd warmed up, and then the announcer came on "And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. B.B. King...." to a roaring crowd.

The ladies love him, just as much as they do Willie Nelson. I don't know what it is about these old guys, but the ladies were at the brink of tossing their panties on stage. hahahaha

BB came out, center stage, took his seat, as Lucille was brought out to him. That had to be one of the greatest concerts that I saw. The Legendary B.B. King.

Fun times, more concerts to come.

Mark's visit

Monday went a little like this:

Me: so, lets pack up some things and we'll move them to the new pad.
Mark: ok, sounds good, lets get some bfast first.
me: okay

4 hours later

me: so, you wanna help me load things in the truck and move them
Mark: yep. lets do this

3 hours later
Me: you wanna get some beer
Mark: yep, lets do that instead.

so much for moving things the first day.

I worked Tuesday, so my rooomates entertained Mark and took him to dinner.

On Wednesday we rode up to SF to the motorcycle meet and hung out there, after showing mark around the hills of the bay area. Loving it, and the weather has been super cooperative.
Thursday was the bigger treat for we were on our way back to the Fillmore....

a few updates...

...before heading back out for the weekend.

Spent a well deserved day with my Mom, Sister and Brother in Reno. After which, Mark and I drove back to the bay area, where I had a few concert tickets purchased for his birthday. Once settled into the bay, we went and grubbed down before heading out to the city on the bikes.

First show, "Chickenfoot" (as in the peace sign), a newly formed band (playing their 3rd show here at the Fillmore). Sammy Hagar on vocals, Joe Satriani on guitar, Michael Anthony on bass, and Chad Smith (of the chili peppers) on drums. Rocking show, especially getting to see the red rocker in full glory. hahaha it was sick.

Best thing was watching them end with "Highway Star".

a few photos:

After this we stopped by Benders Bar and Grill for a few pints before rolling home. Great start to the week of shenanigans.