Friday, April 30, 2010

busy busy

man, I've been running ragged. so much to do. business and pleasure. :D so I can't complain.

I have a few days off as of this morning, and I'm planning on updating, and posting photos, for sure.

I think today, I will work on the race bike. After riding up to Infineon Raceway last weekend to watch my friends race with the AFM, I got the bug bad. No rushing into it, but I definitely want the bike running and up to speed for the next trackday available. :D Time to make the budget.
tires - $350
paint - $200
maintenance work - $100
steering damper - $400
trackdays - $250
raceday priceless (actually, not so priceless...hahahaha, about $500 for race weekend).

The multistrada just got out of the shop for regular maintenance and service, and she's running fresh. one little problem with the dashboard, but hoping that I can fix that today.

After which, Speakeasy brewery in BVHP for some afternoon beers.

Monday, April 26, 2010


spending the morning defraging and spyware protecting my computer. lame.

but she is running way faster. :D

Great day at the races yesterday, AFM Rd 2 @ Infineon Raceway.

My roomate, Adam's first race weekend. He did well, finished up clubman well, and had 2 races on Sunday, when it counts.
I rode out on Sunday mid morning and immediately ran into everyone I know. hahahaha it was super fun, and got to catch up with loads of people. Watching the FP race and all others was uber cool, and of course got me thinking I want to be ON THE TRACK asap!!! haha

time to look at the SV and get her running just right. There is a trackday this coming Sunday that I might try to get into.