Saturday, February 20, 2010

sickest kid in the unit

guess it's fine for me. as it has kept me busy all night till right about now. 9 hrs into my shift, and getting a chance to sit down. I kinda like it, but not so good for the kid.

anyway, I'm far behind on my updates and photos.

will do asap. got tons from SLC, where we had a blast.
photos from Austin and my trip out to the BMH3 in The Woodlands (Houston, Tx)

and I still need to book tickets to Colorado for the marathon in Salida. where to fly into?

I think I'll fly in a few days early to try and acclimate! hahahahaha not that it will do much good.
running and drinking beer, that will be the plan in Colorado.

My contract in Texas is just about up, and it's back to the bay area for more work. Finally signed up for a full schedule for the month of March at LPCH, which should be some good dough. Much needed for my shopping habit. lol

signing up for the SF marathon in a couple days as well.

back to work. :D