Saturday, February 13, 2010

Austin Marathon

couldn't get in, as it's sold out, as is the half. (for training purposes) hahahaha

went for drinks last night at Lovejoys with a co-worker and ran into Ass Gagger and Blos (colorado hasher) and we drank good and heavy. after which we grabbed some pizza and stumbled over to Mugshots for car bombs, tequila and PBR tall well as a photo booth shoot. hahaha

when he put on my female co-workers jacket and pranced/modeled around in it at Mugshots, that was f*cking hilarious.

long night, with harsh hangover. wtf?!?
but breakfast chilaquiles at Trudy's with some hair o' da dog made it all better.

time for a run

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not much time to run today, so went out and ran sprints around Oakwood Cemetary. :)

into the new house for the next month, and it's definitely a better place.

need to start planning trip to Salida for the which I will probably puke and finish last. but what the hell. hahahaha

beer, pizza, hashers and adventure. what could be better.