Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Stinkin' Rose, SF. 7-6-10

The Stinking Rose
325 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, Ca.

So I've been in the bay area for about 5 years now, on and off, traveling back and forth, and out for contracts.....and probably about a year into being here, I heard of a restaurant named "The Stinkin' Rose". A restaurant that specialized in using Garlic as it's main, if not primary ingredient in all of it's dishes. As some of you may know, Gilroy is the self professed garlic capital of the world, and just south of San Jose, Ca. Each year they have a garlic festival, and you can smell it for miles and miles.
I had heard varying reviews, and one of them was that this place was overpriced and more hype than worth it. well, screw it, I really like Garlic, and wanted to try out this place, so, I finally made it out for some dinner, with Lindsey.
We started off with some roasted garlic cloves in olive oil sauce, with bread on the side. The garlic simply smushes onto the bread like butter.....garlicy butter. DELISHIOUS!!!!!!

Followed by a little Garlic and Fontina cheese fondue. Holy smokes, if nothing else, you have to get this. So good...I could have eaten 2 orders by myself...but I was saving myself for the Piece de resistance.
I ordered the Lamb Shank, in chianti sauce with farva beans, and a nice side of garlic mashed potatos, with cream spinach. I have to say right away, that the meat was so tender, soft and juicy, that I immediately seemed to go into a food coma when I began to eat it. hahahaha
Lamb can be weird to cook, and sometimes gets to dry. Not here. It was succulent, tasty, well complimented, and definitely a dish I could see myself eating a lot of. Needless to say I finished the whole thing, and we rolled out of this restaurant.

It's definitely somewhere that you will need a reservation on a busy weeknight, but we walked in about 7pm on a weekday, and they had plenty of tables available. It's surprisingly roomie inside, and there is a row of private tables, more suited for 2 people, but definitely will hold 4 people in a cozy and private setting, around the side. The waiters are a little tardy and innattentive...but not by much. Not enough to be a problem, that's for sure...and I personally like to be left alone when I'm eating, instead of having a waiter constantly by to ask, how I'm doing.
all in all a great dining experience in North Beach.

WORLD CUP FINAL!!!! Netherlands vs. Spain!

Netherlands vs. Spain.

Some history real quick, Netherlands has been to the final 2 times in '74 and '78. Both times Netherlands lost. Spain has never been to the finals, but has been to the last 13 World Cups, which equals 52 years of playing world cup, in a row. (World Cup is every 4 years, for those that don't follow it. haha)

Spain is playing a good game, controlling, and keeping the ball the majority of the play so far. A few close calls, but who knows where this will go. I'm torn on who to root for, as the Spanish have always been disrespectful to the Mexican community, as if looking down from their pompous high horse. the netherlands, well, it would be cool if they finally won the WC, but honestly, from the first 30 minutes of play, I think the Spanish have outplayed them. There is already 5 yellow cards in the first 30 min of play. I foresee a red card and ejection to come in the second half. Possibly in the next 15 minutes. hahaha

I am happy to see new teams making it to the final, and not the same ones of the last decade.
The favorites are out, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France and Italy....some of the heavy hitters, who as we know, some of them didn't even make it out of the first round....fu France! hahaha

back to the game....