Saturday, April 24, 2010


wow, finally working this week. haha only had 2 days scheduled, but was cancelled on Tuesday. having this much time off and lots to do back in the city (SF) is not helping my working out.

time to knuckle up and get to it. Rock climbing gym membership is back on and I just joined the GGTC for some swimming help and to get set for July and my 2nd triathlon (graeagle tri)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

pic of Pete taking on the New Mexico Stomper...

in Colorado Springs, after the Salida Marathon weekend. hahaha

sorry, A-bomb, it's the only one I got, and picked it off this site. :D
I think at last count, he downed 6 of the 10 patties, the fries and most of the chili. They give you one hour to finish it, and you gotta let them know in advance, since making it takes up the entire grill at the original Kings Chef.