Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, made it as far as Reno, post TXIH craze.

a few updates, before I get home, and throw out some photos and stories.

TXIH went off great, with little to no hitches. Nothing that couldn't be solved on the spot. Everyone will get gimmee bags, as we're reprinting shirts, etc for them. :D 39 kegs of beer were drank.
My ballbuster destroyed people. I'm so happy.
Spread'm drove 9 hours from New Orleans on Friday evening to make it.
Ball buster injuries:
Buffy had corneal abrasion from the thorns in the brush.
Twinkletoes lacerated his toe (since he runs barefoot) and had to put on moccassins before finishing the run.
Padre, had 12.15 miles on his gps, and was scratched to hell and back and exhausted at the end.
Visa blew out his knee.

wtf?! so many injuries.

Knuckledraggers put the Balls back into the Ballbuster trails!
We put the U in Hurt!!!

The Brass Monkey H3's skit to "all the single ladies" is priceless. I'll post video soon.

the drive back has been great. Taking my time, arrived in Reno yesterday, to some noise coming from the engine compartment, and today, I have a mechanic looking at it. I think one of the spark plug cables broke (they're more like individual plugs per spark plug) and they're replacing today.