Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relay Race this coming weekend.

Feeling overwhelmed and under prepared for the next race. Reno/Tahoe Odyssey Relay race
I'll be running legs 4, 18 and 30. Originally I was running leg 6 instead of 4, but a hamstring injury for that hasher has put him out, and it would be too difficult of a run for him, so I was asked to take it. Not looking forward to the altitude, but fuck it. I'll do it. :)

Leg #4: 8 miles
Leg #18: 4.6 miles
Leg #30: 3.5 miles really looking forward to this final leg as it ends at the "Bucket o' Blood" Saloon. A beer (several) will be in order before we jump to the next relay location.

Our team "Speed Kills" is comprised of 12 hashers...running 3 legs each. We'll start the race in downtown Reno at 9am on Friday, and hope to finish mid afternoon on Saturday.

Sister graduates!

May 15th came and went like any other day, except for the greatness that I was able to witness as my sister walked down the aisle to receive her Masters degree in Speech Pathology.

It's been almost 3 years, since she signed up for and was received into this program, and it had been a very long and hard fought road for her. In the middle of it all, the family suffered a great loss, our grandfather. The brighter note was that he was able to walk her down the aisle at her own wedding in October of 2008.

I came up to Reno that same day, and managed to arrive on time, to get ready and head out to UNR for the ceremonies. Luckily the undergraduates would be received on Saturday.

I'm extemely proud of my sister, and happy to see her complete her advanced degree. Things are looking up and hopefully the job in Reno will come through and they will be able to move forward with their next goal.