Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Biggest Little City in the World!!"

Alright a couple photos before I'm out. In honor of the Kimchi heading down to Tex-Mex this weekend, I went to the movie rental store the other day, cause I told my roomate, I wanted to see Pineapple Express while completely inebriated. haha, he agreed, I went to rent it and saw this little fella just hanging out all by himself. The sarge is gonna have a field day with him, as he DOES NOT like to follow orders. He keeps jumping off my dash and into the back seat. :D
Hmmm, what to name him? The kimchi are gay, he is hairy...and I know only one gay hairy bear of a persons name....."Fernando" from the energy 92.7 morning show. HAHAHAHA.

He know rides shotgun wherever I go. and roars to life everytime I get in the truck.

Then there is family. My sis and I walking over to another bar after leaving Harrah's . Great flipping weekend in Reno. More like this are needed.

More pics to come...I promise. :D

update...sort of.

I'm uploading photos...honestly. haha

Great weekend in Reno. Only the highlights for now.
Lots of friends of Eryka and Chris came into town from Alaska, and we drank for 4 days. Did run a 4.5 miler at a nice altitude, which is great to feel where I am. Did well, except for the first 2 miles, which were hellatious, then I got into the swing of things and could have gone further.

Reception at Harrah's on Saturday, followed up at some bar, that I got kicked out of for taunting 3 guys to fight. They wouldn't bite, but I would have been happy to scrap a bit. Kindler, gentler me and all. hahaha honestly, they started it, and I don't back down easily.
Photos taken under the Reno "Biggest little City in the World" sign, while blocking traffic with 25 of us milling around in the street.

I'm off for a moderate run, as I'm "tapering" (that's what all the ultra runners call it) for the run this weekend. Calico Trail Run in Barstow. 30k.

I found an article in Mtn Bike magazine about a spot in Utah, just near Zion N.P. I'll see how I feel and maybe I'll drive a little out of my way and hit some laps out there. It's just northeast of Vegas.

Then...Willie, motherflipping, Nelson at the Fillmore! :D