Saturday, November 7, 2009

random thought about work...

...I was on the flight to SF yesterday, and stopped to think about that 56 y/o gentleman that came into the pediatric E.R., having a heart attack. Funny how things never turn out or seem to go the way we want them sometime...analyzing or just thinking about the entire ocurrence, it was interesting to note that nothing went the way we wanted it too. It usually doesn't.

Standard practice with a chest painer...well... lets see....oxygen, heart monitor, EKG, IV...x2 if possible, medication for pain (to help dilate the vessels and prevent an infarct somewhere), blood work, etc...

first problem: no IV access...and I don't mean we didn't see anything, it was that and the fact that he'd been stripped of some crucial veins for his last heart attack. : great! a couple sticks later, and one of the girls got a 22gauge IV in his hand.
After thinking about it...I thought to myself, maybe this was the best location for him to end up in....a Pediatric E.R. where we specialize in hitting small veins on babies. Lucky for him.
2nd problem, he couldn't take nitro pills (pretty standard for chest pain) shit.
3rd problem...Morphine is a good alternative, it helps with the pain, and also dilates the vessels....he tells us he has a bad reaction to it. well, shit!
Dilaudid it is.

The doc who took care of him, also works at the adult E.R., 2nd plus for him.
EMS arrived in short order, and I couldn't help but mutter under my breath a good luck to him, as I thought of my grandfather, and thinking this guy is alone in this city and his family is not here. I just wanted him to make it so that his family could see him before anything drastic happened. We transferred him out expeditiously to the adult e.r.

that is all.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

day off...

...well, just one. haha

I worked the last 3 nights in the e.r. peaked when night before last, we had a 56 y/o male walk into the peds E.R. having a heart attack. nice. hilarity ensued, we worked him up and transferred him out.

I am really enjoying being back in the e.r. Chaos, movement, excitement, and fun to be had with the staff.

Last night, we got rid of all but 2 patients in the 44 bed e.r. and had canoe stretcher, 3 staff on each one, crutches are the paddles. LOL massive hilarity ensued, lots of cheating and loads of fun. hahaha

Got slammed the last hour at work, with 10 kids coming in, and only 2 of us nurses. not bad though, always make the time go by super fast.

I fly to SF today and back to work (4 in a row) as of tomorrow.

Going to have dinner with a friend tonight. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Camaro = mullet?

So this is how I want my car to look like. :) current project restoration is in affect. Proper ph0tos of the build coming soon.

Found this shot on the internet. Funny, that's the color I picked, and I definitely want the hood cut for the air scoop to show. although, I'd prefer it to not be so tall. we'll see.

and the wheels, have to be black for me.

Gogol Lovejoys!!!

hahaha, so I went to the Gogol concert at Stubbs, in Austin. It was huge and packed, so I was near the back. No biggie, great music, and could see well. Had a few beers...and was thinking of going to Lovejoys after for some beers, and ran into a co-worker of mine.

At the end of the show, after the 2nd encour, Eugene comes on stage and says, "we are going to a local bar, who have allowed us to come in and fuck some shit may know's called lovejoys"

HOLY SHIT!!! I'm watching the crowd start moving towards the door. :D

So I rode my bike over (the 2 blocks) and got in to Lovejoys before the crowd mobbed the place and the doors shut down due to capacity issues.
(read, 2k plus at Stubbs, only 100 people capacity at Lovejoys, maybe less)
They played more music, sang and drank shit tons for hours after the show.
Epic doesn't even begin to describe it. I'll just say it one more time, this is my favorite bar: LOVEJOYS!!!! Austin, Texas.
The funniest part was a few hipster fags and some lesbians who were all bent out of shape cause lots of people were jumping up and down and bumping into them. What the hell did they think this was, a fucking Disney's Gypsy Punk bitches...get over it. hahahaha eventually, after all kinds of yelling and shit, they got tossed to the back. hahahaha
Definitely my kind of rowdy. I have got to go to another show now. :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Missed the hash run....

...for a really good reason. Got a text message last night that my Grandmother and Aunt were driving through Austin today, and would like to hang out for lunch. Well worth the reason to miss the hash. They rolled in and I took them to Freebirds. LOL They loved it actually, especially my grandmother. I drove them around for a while through Austin, showing them around a bit, before they had to continue on to Tyler, Tx.

I hadn't seen my grandmother since October, 08, when my sister got married in Tyler, Tx. and the last time I saw my grandfather alive (r.i.p.) So it was really cool to hang out, laugh and chat with my grandmother.

We stopped by the spiderhouse afterwards for some coffee before they rolled out. :)
After they rolled out, I headed to the hash end in Pease Park.