Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seattle roadtrip

It's been a while since I visit Seattle, Wa. So I figured what better time than the Tacoma H3's 600th run out in Landsburg, Wa. The illustrious hare, Magot, should be putting on a fine trail up in the mountains, as well as providing his milk goats for warmth and caressing at night. LOL

I talked a friend of mine into going with me. This was kind of a last minute deal, as I like to be spontaneous, sometimes...hahaha most of the time. Well, truth be told, I was told to quit making things so spontaneously, as most of the guys can't ride out on these trips, cause I don't give them enough heads up.

Either way, Ben, works from home, so he's packing his lap top and is in.

Leaving in a few hours, and after goading Jason into it, he is going to ride down, from Seattle, after work this morning and meet us somewhere in mid-Oregon.

Looking forward to getting out on the road, punching out some miles, listening to some music, and spending the weekend with friends, regardless of how far the bike makes it. I say this, in an effort to ward off any gremlins that may rear their ugly head. I keep saying that the Duc is not going on any more long trips, and yet, here I am, blasting out of town in a few hours.

Finally got some hours in at work, as we've been super short on patients (mostly cause one of our surgeons went on vacation), so now that I have rent and food covered, it's all good. :D

Plan is to go home right after work, nap for 2 hours, the bag is packed, and Ben will come up around 11am, for our departure. Slab it up the IH-5 for about 280 miles, turn off at Weed, Ca. (hahaha), and north to Klamath Falls, Oregon area. Gonna try and swing through Crater Lake National Park . For some pictures and some twisty roads.

The plan is to make it to northern Oregon, meet up with Jason, chill with some beers and food, and then on Friday, we'll bug north and arrive Seattle, for the hash happy hour. My idea was to ride around Mt. St. Helen's area, and grab a couple shots with the bikes up that way. I haven't been there in about 5 years, and a few years back, the mountain started belching smoke so bad that they had to reroute flight paths for commercial airliners. Kinda want a good picture and ride through there before it blows again. :( Here is a short video of the 1980 eruption that killed 53 people, and whose volcanic ash made it around the world, basically leveling an entire mountain.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rain? Really?

I don't know why it makes me laugh so hard when people around here (Bay Area) freak out at the slightest drops of rain on the road. We hardly ever get any rain, but when we do, it's the end of the world for them. People start freaking out, they don't go to work, they whine and complain about how wet it is outside. how lame.

That whole process got me thinking and missing actual rain. You know the kind that just comes down in torrents, soaking everything, loud and replenishing. Sitting on the porch or watching out the garage door (like back in Corpus Christi) waiting for a bit of respite, so you can go ride your motorcycle. Nonetheless, still a very cool thing that I am missing at the moment.

Off to Seattle for the weekend with some friends on the bikes. Maybe we'll get some decent rain on the way up.

photos to come.