Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hawthorne ride videos. 9-9-11 to 9-11-11

Got some more videos put together from last weekends motorcycle ride out to Hawthorne.

On our way out there, I took the fellas on a dirt road surprise.  check the video.  I edited down from about an hours long of videotaping.  long dirt road, thru the sierras, some fun was had when one of the guys got a flat tire.  So while they worked on the tire, we went across the road into the field and got to do some target shooting out in the wilds of Nevada.


Nakia, another of the fellas that was with us (he's on the Superhawk, filming in this video above at times).  Also had a camera going on our run down 108 on the way to H.

enjoy.  just some fun on the road.

For sure one of my most favorite and amazing weekends of riding in a long time.

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