Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the 108 incident! UBOB

So this past weekend a bunch of friends of mine, myself and many other, new participants headed out into the Sierras of California for a weekend of riding motorcycles, catching up with friends, and drinking a lot of beer.

I'll preface by saying this weekend, rocked like none other. hahahaha

I do have to post this video first though. It's a video edit from our trip up the mountain on hwy 108 heading west, when we were suddenly met with wet roads and rain, and with a quick dip in temperatures...hail! yep, those stupid little needles digging into you. So as we're riding a few guys pull over to regroup, and make a decision. My plan: we're in this shit, we gotta get off the mtn, either forward or back. and I hate, absolutely HATE going backwards. hahaha just from hashing. so we press on, knowing we're near the summit and will soon drop fast.

We continued on, to what is now known to us as the 108 incident. hahaha

make no mistake, this was one of the most fun, exhilarating, dumb, insane, kick ass things we've all done at any one time. No complaints from any one of us...but I digress. watch the video.

not more than an hour later we were bombing the central valley at mach 5. (not for realz)

what a kickass weekend. 

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